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Harmony Woodbine Beach
Harmony Woodbine Beach Engagement
Harmony and Brian Kiss on the Street
Harmony and Brian Portrait
Marcio and Roberta Portrait at The Guild Inn

Engagement Photography in Toronto

Before your wedding day, a professional engagement session in Toronto is not only a fun experience that results in some really great casual (or fancy!) pictures, but also a fantastic way to build up the comfort level with your chosen Toronto wedding photographer.

Engagement symbolizes the promise to wed. It is a very special occasion, and including an engagement photography session in your wedding photography collection is highly recommended by most professional wedding photographers in Toronto, whether it’s a one on one engagement photography session, or an engagement party photography of this special celebration with the closest friends and family. Engagement photography in Toronto comes with unlimited photo opportunities around the city – which is why Toronto is one of our most favourite cities, not only for engagement photography or wedding photography, but for event photography and portrait sessions as well. So many wonderful spots, and many more just waiting to be discovered!

Professional Engagement Pictures are so Versatile

An engagement photography session will not only provide you and your fiancé some wonderful memories of this milestone of your lives, but having your favourite creative engagement picture enlarged and printed on canvas can add a modern, and tasteful touch to your bedroom décor as well. Professional engagement pictures can also be used towards your wedding reception accessories! Many couples choose to make a wedding sign in book using their engagement pictures. Due to their high quality, professional engagement pictures can be used as table toppers at the reception, and having a large professional print of your favourite Toronto engagement picture displayed at the receiving line can also make quite a statement. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative and just let your imagination be your inspiration.

Engagement photography locations in Toronto can vary from a park setting, to a walk in the city, or even an industrial area. We often suggest to choose the area where you first met or had your first date, or perhaps a spot that you enjoy visiting together, like a local cafe or a sandy beach. Themed engagement sessions are getting more and more popular among couples, and they are a great choice if you are after something really unique. You can even mix things up a bit, or do something totally unexpected and different. Just make it fun and memorable!

Photography Permits in Toronto

While we are pretty flexible with our Toronto engagement photography sessions, and we always thrive to make the most of what each location has to offer, sometimes a photography permit is required at certain locations in order to be able to take professional engagement pictures in Toronto, so keep that in mind.

It’s always recommended to just do a little research on photography permits prior to settling on a specific location for your professional engagement photography session in Toronto. It is also a good idea to have a backup plan – just in case.

Weather is a Factor!

Keep an eye on Mother Nature, and try to schedule your engagement session for the dryer months – unless you specifically want an engagement photography session in the rain – which can be totally awesome too. April and September tend to be the most rain-heavy months out of the year here in Toronto.

What to wear for your Toronto Engagement Photography Session?

It is best to wear clothes that match your personality and that fit your body type well. Along with style, make sure you choose outfits that are comparable in dress. For example, if you decide to wear a fabulously fancy dress with strappy high heels, you would want to have your fiancé wear a suit instead of jeans and a shirt. Solid colours work best on pictures, while stripes and large or busy patterns tend to be overwhelming and rather distracting.

We also suggest that you bring a couple of changes of outfits for more variety in your engagement pictures, and for the best possible outcome of your engagement photography, try to dress according to the setting / location of your choice (more relaxed attire for a casual location, and a more elegant attire for a fancy location). At the end of the day, you should just aim to be comfortable, and confident in your outfit.